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Whether this is your first purchase or an investment venture, we know that purchasing can be a time consuming and emotional experience. With Bowden Simpatico in your corner, we make every effort minimize your stress and maximize your chance of securing the right property for your needs. Read below for more information on the process for buying real estate. Keep in mind, the order of this process can vary.

Affordability Make Contact Location Offer & Pending Purchase
  • Affordability

    Speak with your bank or Mortgage Broker to secure a loan, rate, and term that best suits your budget and goals. If you need a mortgage broker we can recommend one of our trusted associations. Do not forget to account for closing costs when considering financing.

    Closing costs include: Property Inspection, Insurance, Tax and/or Condo Fee Adjustments, Legal Expenses

  • Contact Bowden Simpatico

    If you haven’t contacted Bowden Simpatico yet, now is the time to do so! An experienced real estate agent is an essential part of any home purchase.

    Our first step will be to help you define exactly what you want in an Edmonton home.  We will then create a custom search to help you find the perfect property. We will locate potential homes for sale, coordinate showings for you, and help you to view these properties as soon as possible.  Often the best properties move quickly, and having an experienced real estate agent on your team can make a tremendous difference.

  • Location

    Create a wishlist. This list should highlight what you are looking for in your ideal home or investment property. There are a great many factors to consider, including neighbourhood, local amenities, price, lot size, type of home and whatever else you feel is important.

    Tips for viewing houses:

    • Wear slip on shoes and comfortable clothes.
    • Limit the number of showings each day. Seeing too many homes in one day can be overwhelming and sometimes can be a bit confusing.
    • Take notes… sometimes it’s hard to remember the differences between each home. One approach is to come up with a ranking system for each quality of a home that is important to you.
    • Narrow down your search, if you’re eliminating homes, you’re finding out what you don’t want and that’s progress. There are a great many factors affecting each home’s value to you. You will learn a lot as you explore the real estate market, and your understanding of the many factors involved on finding the perfect property will grow over time.
    • Communicate with your agent, the more we know, the better we can help.
    • Ask questions, we will have the answer for you, if not, we will find it! Having experienced realtors working for you is invaluable at every stage of the process.
    • Rely on our knowledge and experience. We are here for you, we will help you get the tools you need to make an informed decision.
  • Offer and Pending Period

    Once you’ve found “the one”, it is our duty to help you secure the property for the least amount of money and with the most favorable terms.

    We will contact the Listing Agent and find out as much information as possible about the Sellers and the property.

    We will provide you recent sales in the area and current market conditions to assist in making and appropriate offer in writing. This is known as a ‘Comparative Market Assessment’.

    We will help you prepare an offer to the seller that reflects your goals in the transaction.

    Once the offer is written – Bowden Simpatico will present the offer to the Listing Agent and Seller.

    Negotiations will continue until we reach agreement on a price and terms.

    Remember, a deposit cheque is required at the time of writing the offer or acceptance of the offer.

    With all terms agreed upon the contract is pending and the Sellers cannot accept any other offers.

    The ‘pending’ period is usually a 7-14 day period, during this time we will be addressing your “conditions to purchase”, such as financing, inspection, etc.

    At the end of the pending period you will sign a non-waiver of conditions (not moving forward) or a waiver of conditions (moving forward).

  • You’ve Made a Purchase

    Bowden Simpatico will need to know who you are using as your Lawyer for the Transfer of Land and which lender (Broker) you have selected.

    Our team will ensure all necessary documents are conveyed in a timely manner.

    Bowden Simpatico will provide you with a checklist to ensure everything is completed prior to taking possession of your new home.

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